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Weddings/Clubs / Pubs/Festivals/Debs /Graduations!
All Parties & Events!
Most Frequently Asked Questions
1.  How long do you play for?

(A) When we set up we play background Music for a while to give people a chance after a big meal to go for a drink or a short walk on the grounds or to have a smoke or go to rest rooms. It gives the Bride and Groom a chance to freshen up also and to meet people as they prepare for dancing. We play for 2 hours and take a break for finger food. We stop the clock for the break, so you get a full 2 hours of music from the band, apart from the background music.

2.  Do you cater for more mature guests?

(A) Yes we cater for all ages . We play Country, Party, Celtic Rock, Pop, Chart, Rock N’ Roll, Rock itself , Ranging from 50s, 60s,70s,80s, 90s,00s,10s, to the present chart toppers at the time of your wedding.

3.  Do you hire in a DJ separate from the band to do the Disco?

(A) No, we advise you on a great DJ service and  get them to contact you direct so you can arrange fees and payment with them personally.

4.  How long does the DJ play for?

(A) The DJ will explain all to you when he contacts you and is willing to answer any questions you may have  regarding times and song choice.

5.  How far do you travel to play for weddings ?

(A) We will travel anywhere in Ireland & The UK to play a wedding!

6.  Does the band pick the song set list or do the couple have to do it?

(A) The couple get to pick their first dance song this can be played by the band or by MP3 through our PA system depending on the song you choose.

Because the band are so busy doing lots of weddings and other gigs its best that the band write the set as we have lots of experience and ability to read the music taste of your guests . That’s why we are so popular for weddings and are in demand which makes us far too busy to be learning different songs for every wedding !

7.  Does the band play waltz’s ?

(A) Yes we can do waltz’s but if you wish for them not to be played, that’s no problem we can leave them out of the set for your wedding.

We will play a Siege of Ennis if requested by the couple in advance of the wedding.
We DONT play Sets,Polkas, Jigs or Reels or Rebel Songs!