Add 2 weddingsHit All the Right Notes at your Wedding with Deuces Wild

A great wedding band can make or break your celebration; which is why it’s important to get seasoned musicians who really know how to read a room and work the crowd. Seamus Ryan of Deuces Wild, one of the most popular and busiest bands in the business, puts it poetically: “Weddings are like snowflakes” he says. “They’re all unique; no two are alike. It’s our job to develop a great set list; then see how the crowd are responding and make any adjustments as we go along so everyone has a ball”. After 16 years of filling dance floors, the band has developed an innate sense of what works. Weddings are not like any other musical gathering, as there is an unusually disparate mix of people; from children to teens; Goths to grannies.  With so many varying ages and tastes to cater to, Deuces Wild are tasked with pleasing all of the people, all of the time, so are incredibly versatile. The four-piece all sing and play a variety of instruments, and can move from pop to rock to traditional;  country music to Celtic rock, seamlessly. “We try to pace our set so people can dance; slow things down when appropriate; we play games to get everyone involved, and our goal is to make your wedding memorable for all in attendance” says Seamus. “We can organise a DJ for you as well, and are happy to work with the bride and groom to accommodate special requests.”  The band’s schedule fills up quickly so contact Deuces Wild today on  or check out their informative webpage at