Booking Terms

2.0 Payment Terms

2.1 Deposit: To confirm this booking a deposit of €200 must be paid to Deuces Wild. No booking is considered final until payment of a deposit is received.

2.2 Final Payment: The balancing payment must be paid in full by cash on the day of the event.

2.3 Cancellation: In the event of cancellation or change of date of the confirmed booking by the client, the deposit is not refunded. The band will make every effort to move the performance date to another date requested by the bride and groom.

3.0 Technical Requirements

The Band will provide all the equipment required for the performance. This price includes a regular setup after 8.30pm. Where an early setup is required (before 8.30pm), an additional €250 is charged.

4.0 Song Requests

The bride/groom can make a special first dance request that will be learned by the band where they think they can do the song justice. The bride/groom should give six weeks’ notice of this song.

5.0 Travel Expenses

All travel and accommodation expenses to be incurred by the performers are included as part of the above price, with the exception of offshore island events.

6.0 Terms of the Agreement

6.1 The bride/groom is to provide a suitable performing area, with a suitable power supply.

6.2 The balance due on the performance is payable in full by cash on the day of the performance.

6.3 Performance Time: The band plays for 2.5 hours, including a 20-minute break. Performance time should start at 9.30pm and is agreed 6 weeks in advance of the event date. Clients also have the option of one continuous set of 2 hours. For events that run late (starting after 10pm) the latest performance end time is 12.30am to allow enough time for the DJ.

7.0 Force Majeure

This agreement also includes a standard Force Majeure clause, whereby, this agreement by both parties to perform their obligations is subject to proven detention by serious illness, accidents, or accidents to means of transportation or acts of God, or any act of public authority, material breach of the agreement by Purchaser, or any conditions beyond either party’s control. Neither party shall be liable to fulfill the remainder of the agreement unless expressly agreed by both parties for a convenient future time.

8.0 Declaration

Once the booking form is signed or returned by email to, the bride/groom agrees to all the content of the booking form and that all the information is correct.

9.0 Note

Please note that your booking is with Deuces Wild which is owned and operated by Clifton O Callaghan and Martin Flynn.